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Project Management and Engineering

At Sharpe Engineering, we have worked with a wide variety of clients and projects since 1994. We have worked in a wide variety of food facilities and have managed projects from large greenfield projects that require sophisticated means of tracking and reporting to many smaller projects that have simple implementation. Depending on the project, we can offer various resources to help clients complete projects successfully. It is important to note that while we can provide many resources to complete more involved projects we often provide dedicated resources to complete more specific tasks. 

Sharpe Engineering understands food processing and can help define a project that really does provide the benefits you’re looking for. We can review your plant and available data but also talk through your project to help define projects that bring real returns. So if you’re plant needs addition performance, capacity, automation and efficiency we would love to discuss how we might be able to support your efforts. 

Sharpe Engineering can provide layout and system design which includes specifying equipment, working with your existing assets/facility and defining what needs to be done. We work collaboratively with your project team to ensure that the system addresses people and material flow and other logistics of your operation and designs a project that best meets the needs of your organization. 

Sharpe Engineering can manage the project scope to all members of your project team as well as manage the budget, details, schedule and all other aspects of your project. Again, we work with you and determine what role you would like us to have. We have staff that has worked for many years in food processing and we can keep projects focused, moving and under control from the initial concept through installation and start up. 

Throughout the project there may be a varying amount of tasks to drive. This includes working with vendors, contractors as well as maintaining the details of the project. Drawings, budgets, schedules and tasks continue to mature with Sharpe driving all of these details in the best interests of the client. 

When the project gets to the installation phase, Sharpe ensures that the process is smooth and controlled. The diligence has been done and systems/equipment tested as needed and we can provide on-site management to drive the project through successful completion. We can work through all start up issues as required and understand how to properly close out a project.

Industrial food processing equipment
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